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Split Persona

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Being the underboss for the most powerful mafia Don this side of the Mississippi requires a certain level of detachment. After vowing to myself I would never have a family, too afraid of what it’d be like to lose them, I pride myself in being so disconnected from all feelings. Especially when having emotions can get you killed in this line of work, I don’t need the distraction.

When my world is turned upside down from a single lapse of judgment, will I go back on my vow? Will I be able to balance the life of a reaper and a family man, or will the lines get so blurred that the damage is irreparable?


Getting out before things get bad are what many people hope for, but rarely any victims achieve. Swearing I’d never marry again, I set out on a new adventure across the state. Plans and aspirations in tow, I decide I’m going to take my life back. However, after one drunken night with the most charismatic man, I find myself in a surprising predicament.

Days drag into weeks as I work to avoid him. I make mission impossible happen changing shifts with coworkers when I know he’ll be in. My situation doesn’t get any better, the stress rising that much higher. There’s only so much time before the past comes back to bite.

What will happen when I finally come clean? How will I adjust to my new life?

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