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Fatal Vow

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I never thought the fate of the Belov Empire would be on my shoulders. I never expected my brother to be murdered, either. At least Declan has made it clear I have his support. But I can’t let his quest for revenge deter me from the promise I made to my brother. I will not turn into my father.

As if that wasn’t enough, I must find a suitor who can run with the mafia. Time is running out as my twenty-third birthday quickly approaches. Will Declan stand by his word?


Marriage and revenge. That was my promise to Natalia four years ago. I’ve spent countless hours trying to find Dmitri’s murderer, and even more time chasing away the riffraff trying to worm its way into Natalia’s heart. I can’t let anyone, or anything, get in my way to claim her.

In the midst of everything else, I must also keep the O’Connor Empire running smoothly. With the presence of my father looming in every doorway, just waiting on me to screw up, I’m constantly on edge.

With the future of the two Empires hanging in the balance, will Natalia and Declan be able to overcome the obstacles thrown their way? Or will the ultimate betrayal send both crumbling to the ground?

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